교육전도사 Joseph Lim

Youth Group (EM) Pastor
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  • 담당부서: 중고등부 (EM)
  • Goal: To cultivate a culture of discipleship for our youth that is centered on the Word of God, spiritual discipline, service to the church and world, and fellowship.
  • Wheaton College (Class of 2013) B.A. Double Major in Philosophy and Theology; Princeton Theological Seminary (Class of 2017) Master of Divinity
  • My approach to youth ministry is grounded on the belief that in order for the Church to flourish, our youth must be retained. Pursuant to that endeavor, I believe it is absolutely critical that our youth be shown not only Christianity’s intellectual robustness and depth, but also the joy and completeness it brings to life. It is only then that, amid our culture’s plethora of competing narratives and philosophies, the Gospel of Christ will emerge as Truth.

초등부교사 평현진

Sunday School Teacher
E-mail 초등부교사 평현진
  • 담당부서: 초등부
  • 성경공부, Art & Crafts
  • Lehman College 졸업
  • 성경 주제를 다양한 재료를 통해 아이들이 성경 말씀을 배울 수 있게 도움주기 원합니다.

초등부교사 김현경

Sunday School Teacher
E-mail 초등부교사 김현경
  • 담당부서: 초등부
  • 성경공부, 찬양과 율동
  • Nyack College 졸업, Montclair State University 재학
  • 찬양과 율동을 통해 아이들이 자연스럽게 하나님과 친밀해 질 수 있게 도움주기 원합니다.

유아/유치부교사 이미희 사모

Sunday School Teacher
E-mail 유아/유치부교사 이미희 사모
  • 담당부서: 유아부, 유치부
  • 성경공부, 찬양과 율동, Art & Crafts
  • 단국대학교 졸업
  • 항상 아이들과 같은 눈높이로 사역하기 원합니다.